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The features and support you need to achieve success… at 65% of Marketo’s cost.

Our guarantee.

We’re Net-Results, a marketing automation platform that goes head-to-head with Marketo every day, and we find that a lot of our customers have actually switched from Marketo and are happier with us. Why? You can download the report and discover all 6 reasons.

In the meantime, how does 65% of the cost of Marketo for the same features and better support sound?

Qualifying for this offer is simple: provide a Marketo Sales Order from the last 30 days or a recent Marketo Invoice. We’ll match your pricing at 65% of the cost.

Discover the 6 Reasons Marketo Users Switch

What truly distinguishes Net-Results is the experience.

We know that achieving success isn’t just about features, this is why our all-inclusive Net-Results experience includes unlimited best-in-class support and training by a dedicated Customer Success Manager. Need help figuring out campaigns flows? Onboarding new team members? How to build a landing page? Your dedicated Customer Success Manager is here for you with a faster-than-average combined response and resolution time of 7.61 hours.

Net-Results: the Features You Want at a Price You’ll Love

Drag & Drop Builders for Email, Forms & Landing Pages

Responsive design is baked in. Gorgeous templates make looking great a breeze.

Dynamic Content for Web & Email

Personalize messaging across your customer journeys and generate more opportunities.

Drip, Nurture, and A/B Test Campaigns

Deploy communication streams quickly and adjust at will.

Industry Leading Segmentation Power

Lose the handcuffs. Leverage behavioral, demographic, and firmographic data without limits.

Battle Tested CRM Integrations

Built-in integrations with Salesforce, Dynamics 365, & SugarCRM.

Exclusive 30 Minute Setup is why G2 Crowd data shows Net-Results delivers the fastest time to ROI.

Flexible Reporting Power

Clear views help you understand what’s working and where to focus your efforts.

“Our marketing organization would be dead in the water without Net-results. Net-results is a complete marketing automation solution. It offers a whole host of robust features, responsive support and is affordable.” – Total Phase

“Net Results provides impeccable technical support and develops custom solutions directly for its clients, or taking client requests and building objects that support all clients needs. They are the most responsive technical resources I have ever worked with in my career.” — Dio. F at Truth Initiative

“Net-Results went above and beyond to accommodate our very specific and complex needs. They built a series of APIs that work seamlessly with our website and product database. We would never be to target our marketing nearly as well as we can with Net-Results.” – Hilco

Our customers have consistently rated our Customer Support at 98%!


Learn the best practices that companies are using across the world. Net-Results best-in-class Customer Success team is here to answer your questions, help you become the master of your domain, and make sure you’re getting the most out of your tools. The metrics and customer success stories below are a small sample of why we are best-in-class.