Work With Marketing Automation Software? Going To Denver Digital Summit? Come Get A Free Lunch Or Drinks

Courtesy of Net-Results Marketing Automation: Colorado Companies To Watch 2019 Finalist

What’s the deal?

Hi, we’re Net-Results! We’re the marketing automation company that’s a finalist for Colorado Companies To Watch 2019. We compete with the likes of Marketo, Pardot and Act-On on a day-to-day basis. And win. 🙂

If you’re working with marketing automation as an end-user, or sell services around it as an agency, we want to talk to you. Get to know you and find out what you, as a martech professional, need from a vendor like us.

What do you get out of it? You get to ask us all your marketing automation related questions. And since we’ve been doing this for a while, chances are we’re able to help you. 

Since we’ll be at Denver Digital Summit, we thought we might make it easy for us to meet!

How it works? Sign up through the form on your right for either the happy hour or lunch session. Bring your confirmation email. Meet us, talk, learn and enjoy. 🙂

Happy hour @ The Edge, June 25th 5:30pm. 10 People Limit.

Lunch @ The Nickel. June 26th 11:45am. 10 People Limit.

We can’t wait to meet you!

~ The Net-Results Team

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