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“Other competitors may have a much larger footprint in terms of mind-share and awareness, but it was important for us to look beyond that to see the greater benefits we had with Net-Results’ product and team. I’m definitely glad we did.”

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Just as powerful, much easier-to-use. You don't need a PhD in marketing automation to be able to use Net-Results.

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Net-Results' Simple Pricing Includes Every Feature + Unlimited, Live Support

Drag & drop builders, CRM integration, API access, Unlimited marketing & sales users.

Everything is included in your subscription!


Starting at


(Billed Annually)

Starting at 2,500 Contacts


Starting at


(Billed Annually)

Starting at 25,000 Contacts


Starting at


(Billed Annually)

Starting at 150,000 Contacts

Mailable Contacts are contacts with a valid email address that have not bounced and are not unsubscribed.

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