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Don’t get left out in the rain by other marketing automation tools – we’ve got you covered.

Net-Results is the 1st choice of people buying marketing automation for the 2nd time.

  • Get up to speed quickly with unlimited onboarding and continued training
  • Need help building out a campaign? – Unlimited, top rated live support for any topic
  • Drag-and-drop builders give you a hand in creating great content 
  • Custom needs? Unlimited API access and a team ready to help
  • Simple pricing – no gotchas or fine print

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Join over 13,000 users on 5 continents under the Net-Results umbrella

My Heading

“Net-Results has helped us make a seamless integration from Microsoft Dynamics Marketing to the their platform. The benefits are endless in the ease of use and the support team that backs it.”

– Jim Stidham, Boise Paper

My Heading

“If you’re looking for a great marketing automation software, there really is no other place than Net-Results. Their support and interaction with the customers make them second to none.”

– Nina Berger, via G2 Crowd Review

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“If you’re new to marketing automation, this is the company you should use. You will get all the help and support you need to make implementation and use successful.”

– Morgan Vogt, Flinn Scientific

My Heading

As an email marketer, I have to compliment Net-Results on their platform. It’s easy to use and their customer support is wonderful.

– Therese M., The Channel Company

Comparing Marketing Automation Platforms? This Easy Chart Compares Net-Results to Marketo, Pardot, & Others

Drag & drop builders help you design modern content and marketing initiatives

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Unlimited #1 Rated Support

 Net-Results has the highest rated support of any marketing automation vendor. 

Don’t wait around for days to have your questions answered. We’re here to help you succeed at every step.


~ Verified ratings from real marketing automation users on G2 Crowd ~

Seamless Dynamics Integration in an Hour or Less

Ensure Marketing and Sales are on the same page

Enable sales with real-time information on web page views, email opens & clicks and a complete Customer Journey for every Lead and Contacts

Powerful tools enable marketers to identify and address bottlenecks in your marketing and sales funnels

Powerful, Automated Workflows

Drip Email Campaigns

Lead Nurturing and Scoring


Best-in-Category Segmentation

Our Simple Pricing Includes Every Feature. Every Single One.

Drag & drop builders, CRM integration, API access, Unlimited marketing & sales users.

Everything is included in your subscription. No Surprises or Hidden Costs.

Mailable Contacts Annual Pricing Monthly Pricing
<10,000 $800/month $960/month
25,000 $1,200/month $1,440/month
50,000 $1,600/month $1,920/month
75,000 $2,000/month $2,400/month
100,000 $2,500/month $3,000/month
150,000 $3,000/month $3,600/month
200,000 $3,500/month $4,200/month
300,000 $4,000/month $4,800/month
400,000 $4,500/month $5,400/month
500,000 $5,000/month $6,000/month
>500,000 We serve many companies with millions of contacts. Let's chat.

Mailable Contacts are contacts with a valid email address that have not bounced and are not unsubscribed.

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