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Over 13,000 users on 5 continents rely on
Net-Results as their Marketing Automation Platform, including:

“Net-Results has helped us make a seamless integration from Microsoft Dynamics Marketing to the their platform. The benefits are endless in the ease of use and the support team that backs it.”

– Jim Stidham, Boise Paper

“If you’re looking for a great marketing automation software, there really is no other place than Net-Results. Their support and interaction with the customers make them second to none.”

– Nina Berger, via G2 Crowd Review

“If you’re new to marketing automation, this is the company you should use. You will get all the help and support you need to make implementation and use successful.”

– Morgan Vogt, Flinn Scientific

“I have always found Net-Results support to be courteous, helpful, and prompt. Team members always seem to genuinely care about helping me solve the business problems that I bring to the table.”

– Steve C., Projector PSA

Get To Know Us

We’re The Marketing Automation Company That’s Run By People

Michael Ward
Founder & CEO

“I created Net-Results to be a marketing automation tool marketers don’t just have to use, but actually WANT to use.

What’s more, I created a company that I would want work WITH:

Net-Results has the highest-rated support in the industry, all the features you need to be successful and 100% transparent pricing.

That’s why we’re wining customers from Marketo, Pardot, HubSpot, Eloqua, and Act-On on a daily basis.

Come and have a chat. You’ll notice the different immediately.”

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All The Tools You Need – Without Requiring A PhD!

Net-Results Is Powerful, Easy To Use And Integrates With Your Favorite Third-Party Systems



  • Drip Email Campaigns and Automated Workflows
  • Lead Nurturing and Scoring
  • Best-in-Class Segmentation
  • Email Marketing
  • Sales Automation
  • Native CRM Integration with Salesforce, SugarCRM, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and SuiteCRM
  • And unlimited support!
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100% Transparent Pricing

Every feature and unlimited live support. No surprises or hidden costs.

Mailable Contacts Annual Pricing Monthly Pricing
<10,000 $800/month $960/month
25,000 $1,200/month $1,440/month
50,000 $1,600/month $1,920/month
75,000 $2,000/month $2,400/month
100,000 $2,500/month $3,000/month
150,000 $3,000/month $3,600/month
200,000 $3,500/month $4,200/month
300,000 $4,000/month $4,800/month
400,000 $4,500/month $5,400/month
500,000 $5,000/month $6,000/month
>500,000 We serve many companies with millions of contacts. Let’s chat.

Mailable Contacts are contacts with a valid email address that have not bounced and are not unsubscribed.

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